Results patient survey 2019

Posted on sep 23, 2019
Results patient survey 2019

As a H4i Qualified practice*, SGE international is committed to continually improve its service by taking into account the feedback by its international patients. As part of this process SGE international conducted earlier this year a survey amongst its more 6000 international patients.

Many of them responded and we thank them very much for their participation in this survey.

Though SGE international is still rated considerably better by internationals than the average Dutch GP practice and health center, ratings have dropped in comparison to the results of the 2017 patient survey. Average rating has dropped from 8 to 7.7, which may not seem a lot, but the trend of some underlying indicators have alerted management and staff.

In order to identify causes and solutions, management and staff of SGE have thoroughly analyzed the findings of the survey, including the detailed free format experiences and suggestions by many of the respondents.

It has been identified that the root cause for the drop in ratings is that SGE international has been growing exponentially over de past 2 years, from 1500 in 2017 to well over 6000 in 2019. Every week in average 50 new patients register with SGE international putting a strain on the organization that was, partly due to labor shortages, not able to grow at the same speed.

As a result professionals had to reduce the number of extended consultations and intakes, that were an important contributor to the high ratings received in 2017. Also it was not always possible to see the GP of choice when making an appointment. To maintain sufficient quality of service to its registered patients, in May SGE international even had to suspend registration of new internationals for a few weeks.

Since then SGE has expanded professional capacity with a GP, mental healthcare professional and a doctors assistant. Intake consultations have been reinstated and a dedicated manager for SGE international has been appointed.

Together with the TU/e and the international community, SGE international is working out plans on how to best meet the needs and expectations of internationals in the medium and long term future.

In your response to the survey, you have indicated your interest to be more involved with SGE internationals, to help improve and extend its services. We therefore would like to invite you to a dialogue on mental health organized by H4i for September 30th at 19.30. Look here for more details. If you are not able to join us then, but are still interested to be more involved send us a mail at [email protected]. If you just want to make a suggestion, you can do this on this website.

Eduard Scheel, manager SGE international.

* Healthcare for international (H4i) is a nonprofit organization that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals living in The Netherlands. SGE is a founding member of H4i.