SGE International runs pilot with health checkups

Posted on feb 27, 2018

As you may know SGE International has recently investigated the need and viewpoints on preventive healthcare in the Netherlands. Questions like ‘Do you know what preventive health care is available in the Netherlands’ and ‘What circumstances are keeping you from improving your health’ were asked.

The results have been communicated and you can find them here. One of the suggestions that were given, concern preventive health checks.

SGE International decided to run a pilot, providing these checks to learn to what extent they will meet the needs that have been voiced and how they could be best organized in case the outcome of the pilot appears to be positive.

The pilot health checks that will be scheduled on dates to be set this spring 2018, will include:

  • Completion of an online checklist
  • Collection of blood and urine samples
  • Preventive consultations and physical checks by a nurse practitioner, GP, dietician and physiotherapist
  • Feedback on the check and recommendations

Your data will obviously be kept confidential, and is only available to the medical professionals involved in the health check.

These health checks are free of charge and available on a first come first serve basis (up to 30 persons over 18-years-old) to those internationals who are committing to participate in

  1. a dialogue on preventive healthcare, that will take place on Monday, March 19th, from 19:00 to 21:00 at Strijp-S Videolab, Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven. (Ground floor presentation room).
  2. the evaluation of the effectiveness and benefits of health checks, to be scheduled at a later date/time convenient to the participants.

Obviously, if you don’t want to participate in the health check pilot, you are still welcome to participate in the dialogue on March 19th 2018. Your views are appreciated.

You can sign up for the health check by sending a mail to Irene Martens [email protected]. Please note that you are then also registered as a participant of the March 19th meeting.

You can also let Irene know, if you will only join the meeting and will not participate in the pilot.