Summer period

Posted on jul 11, 2018

As you might have noticed either through personal experience or through the media, we are experiencing a vast growing shortage of medical personnel nationwide. The direct problem for our clinic is that we are not fully staffed during the summer period.

What are we doing about it?

In order to ensure the safety of our patient we will triage (the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition) every patient and treat them accordingly. This might mean that you will have to wait longer before you have a consultation or that your consultations will be cancelled in order to treat more urgent cases.

For now, we will not be able to perform certain services, such as maternity visits and first meetings

We are trying to staff the clinic with the same doctors as much as possible, however you still might find that you are being treated by different doctors.

What can you do about it?

You can check your symptoms on; although in Dutch, the site is a reliable source based on the Dutch GP guidelines. You can search symptoms on the icon below the search bar and use google translate to see what you can already do yourself and when you should contact the clinic.

You can be on time for you appointment or cancel in advance so that we realistically have the time to schedule another patient and for them to come in for the consultation.