Talk with us about the future of SGE International

Posted on okt 30, 2018

The team of SGE International invites you to talk about the future of the center and to hear your ideas. The center started in 2016 at the current location in Strijp-S as a kind of start-up. The purpose of SGE-International was to provide health care services specially for people with a foreign background; we speak English, we listen, we take time to understand and provide information on healthcare in the Netherlands. And also we started the center with the idea to develop healthcare innovation in this center, including digital health care services.

As a team, we are proud that the start-up phase of SGE international has been so successful. More and more internationals did find us, often immediately after their arrival in Eindhoven!

It worked so well that we need to move (in a while) to a larger location. To prepare this well and to look at all possibilities to make the care for internationals even better, we invite you to talk with us. As a SGE international patient, you have experiences and possibly ideas about how the future of SGE International could look like.

In the coming period we will organize 5 times ‘A ROUND TABLE CONVERSATION’ about different themes.

Would you like to join us at one of these tables?

We organize the first table in December. At this table we will talk about ‘INFORMATION’. How did you become acquainted with healthcare in the Netherlands? What information did you have before you arrived in Eindhoven? How did you receive information about the care? Did you know what the role of the ‘huisarts’ is? Where do you get your information if, for example, you need care in weekends? How do you choose, for example, a physiotherapist or a dentist? How can we improve the information?

Please click here to register for a round table conversation in December