International communities, expat centers, universities, employers and healthcare providers all over the Netherlands have taken an interest in how SGE international was co-created. SGE (health care foundation Eindhoven), IHS (International Healthcare Services) and SAG (health care centers foundation) of Amsterdam have therefore taken the initiative to establish a network of healthcare providers who are committed to better meeting the needs of internationals: Healthcare for internationals (H4i).

The non-profit network wants to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, capabilities and solutions between those providers, thus shortening implementation time and lowering the cost of development and provision of healthcare services.

The network H4i was introduced at the time of the official opening of SGE at the symposium in July 2016. Currently projects are in progress in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Groningen. To ensure that services will sufficiently meet the needs of internationals, H4i is developing a quality label. Providers who meet specific criteria will be awarded this label.

The label will also serve to inform internationals looking for a healthcare provider. Prerequisites for getting the label are training of professionals, multilingual information, taking sufficient time in consultation and most importantly, the involvement of internationals in the development and evaluation of services.

This label will be first tested at SGE International shortly. This will include a survey amongst patients and should give an answer to a very important question:

‘How are we doing in closing the gap?’


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