Midwifery Practice Eindhoven

G. Swinkels and J. Oudenaarden

There are quite some differences between receiving health care in the Netherlands and the care you have received in your home country, especially concerning the medical care for pregnancy and delivery. We understand that these differences can be overwhelming, even distressing. In our midwifery practice we take the time to explain what you can expect from our care. We encourage a shared decision model so that you feel safe and comfortable in the care you receive. For more information www.midwiferypractice-eindhoven.nl or call +31-(0)6-28069584.

What does the midwife do?
A midwife (who has a 4 year bachelor degree) is primarily a medical expert. But, aside from this, she is also a coach and a confidant during the whole pregnancy period.
The midwife will meet with you regularly throughout your pregnancy and monitor your health and the wellbeing of your baby. The midwife will also assist you during childbirth, in the hospital or at home and provide follow up care afterwards. A gynaecologist or obstetrician usually only becomes involved if there are complications with the pregnancy, such as multiple births.
If you wish to become pregnant or are already expecting, you can make an appointment directly or after consultation with your general practitioner. Please always inform your general practitioner or other health care professionals of your pregnancy. The midwife is available in this clinic.