GP Consultation Fee

There are fixed maximum tariffs for GP clinics, regulated by the Dutch Health Authority. The tariffs are public and can be accessed at the site of the Dutch Health Authority (Dutch only).

If you have Dutch health insurance, the GP charges a quarterly registration fee and a fee per consultation or medical treatment. If you have a non Dutch health insurance, the GP charges a fee per consultation or medical treatment.

A fee is incurred if a patient that has a medical question is answered in a professional manner. The fee depends on the duration that the healthcare provider spends answering this question regardless whether it is done by a GP’s assistant, nurse practitioner or GP. There are also more specified fees per procedure. A standard appointment with the GP at SGE International is declared as a long consultation.

The fees are automatically processed if you have a regular Dutch health insurance, otherwise you will be asked to pay at the desk and you can reclaim it with your own insurance company based on the conditions of your insurance policy.

No Show; you can cancel your appointment up to 2 hours before by calling the clinic. After this, if you are late or do not show up at all, you will not have any access to the online platform and you will need to pay a 20 euro fee. Before we can make another appointment you will need to have paid this fee, which you can pay at the desk.

The most common type of fees:

Dutch Health Insurance

Registration fee                               € 16,25

Consultation short                          €   4,98

Consultation middle                       €   9,97

Consultation long                            € 19,94

No Show                                             € 15,00 (non refundable)

Non Dutch health insurances

Consultation short                          € 14,65

Consultation middle                       € 29,31

Consultation long                            € 58,62

No Show                                            € 15,00

Physiotherapist Consultation Fee

You can contact your physiotherapist for the current fees.

More information

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