Limited accessibility SGE healthcare centers during the summer holidays

Posted on jul 19, 2021

Summer holidays is coming. A time to give our employees the opportunity to go on vacation, therefore we will have limited capacity at our healthcare centers. SGE considers it important to guarantee sufficient and accessible care during the holidays and to be able to help you. At the same time, we consider it very important […]

SGE International is moving

Posted on mrt 15, 2021

As of March 29th SGE International will move to another location: Dominee Theodor Fliednerstraat 133 5631 MD Eindhoven SGE practice “De Parade” is already located at this address. Reachability of our new location: The phone number of SGE International remains the same: 040-7116730. We hope to welcome you at our new location! If you have […]

SGE International will be moving in 2021

Posted on dec 30, 2020

As of 16 December, SGE General Practitioner Ed Berends will see his patients from SGE International at the location of SGE De Parade. This is because of the intended relocation of SGE International in 2021. In the course of 2021, SGE International will move to another location: Dominee Theodor Fliednerstraat 133 in Eindhoven. This is the address […]

Sign up for remaining flu vaccinations

Posted on nov 24, 2020

Due to a high demand for flu vaccinations by the COVID-19 virus, SGE responded to the national call on October 27 and requested healthy people aged 60 to 69 to refrain from a flu shot in the first instance. It has now become clear that SGE still has a limited number of vaccines in stock and that […]

Shortages of flu vaccinations

Posted on okt 27, 2020

Due to a high demand for flu vaccinations by the COVID-19 virus, despite a larger order by our practices, there is a shortage of flu vaccines. This applies to almost all GP practices in the Netherlands. We therefore urge healthy people aged 60 to 69 years to initially refrain from a flu vaccine. State Secretary […]

Flu and / or pneumococcal vaccinations 2020

Posted on okt 13, 2020

If applicable, you will receive a letter for the flu and/or pneumococcal vaccination. For a careful procedure, we ask you to bring the lettre with you. Due to the Corona measures, we urge you to come at the indicated time (no earlier and no later) and keep 1.5 meters away. For your and our safety […]

Urgent request: wear a non-medical face mask

Posted on sep 30, 2020

We request all patients who enter the health centre to wear a non-medical face mask and to disinfect their hands upon arrival. 

NHG has launched

Posted on sep 24, 2020

NHG has launched the website! The Dutch website, which has 5 mln visitors every month, served as base for the newly created  All information is based on Dutch healthcare practices and adapted to the concerns of internationals. At you can find reliable and up-to-date information about the health topics and healthcare […]

Newsletter Covid-19

Posted on apr 22, 2020

Hundreds of millions across the world find their lives have completely changed in a matter of just a few weeks. As International living in het Netherlands you may have a harder time trying to make sense of it all. In het newsletter of the Network Healthcare for Internationals you will find information on the Dutch […]

Pregnancy leave

Posted on sep 24, 2019

Doctor Rullmann will be on pregnancy leave from 1st of November 2019. She will be replaced by doctor J.P. Landaeta, who also currently a locum in our practice at times. She will see patients on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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