New program to battle overweight children

Posted on nov 26, 2018

SGE (International), together with other medical organisations GGD and Zuidzorg have joined forces to fight the alarming growing number of overweight chidren.

The number of overweight children has risen sharply since 2000. In The Netherlands more than one in six children aged 15 years are ’too heavy’. This might have unpleasant consequences for the child. (Source: Nederlands Jeugd Instituut (youth institute).

The above passage describes the growing problem among Dutch youth. SGE has therefore started the coaching program ‘Children at Their Right Weight’.

The focus will be on coaching, sports and nutrition. Rather, to guide children towards a healthier lifestyle.

Physiotherapists of SGE and the weight consultant will work together with several parties including the GPs of SGE, youth nurses/ youth doctors of GGD-bzo and dieticians of ZuidZorg.

The program lasts 3 months in which the children are intensively coached in both areas. The program is offered at five locations in Eindhoven: SGE De Akkers, SGE Orion, SGE Strijp, SGE Sibelius and SGE Stratum.

For more information, please contact Marleen Maas and Dorien Hoogeveen-Slaats via telephone number: 040-7116340. You can also mail to: [email protected].

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